Highlights from 2019 Conscious Songwriting Retreat


Tremendous Thanks to Everyone Who Made This Year A Hit!


The 2019 Conscious Songwriting Retreat was BIG success this year!

From the wonderful speakers & staff, to the amazing attendees from all over the country, to our wonderful facility & grounds, plus delicious food, we had the perfect ingredients for a powerful time of intentional songwriting creativity, spiritual growth & expansion, enjoyment and fun!

As for content, we explored how to align with the Source of our creativity, the basic structure of a popular song & collaborated as a group together to write an original song from retreat co-host, John Stringer; defined the process of True Collaboration® & explored behavioral science & more from guest speaker, Alan Schaefer (Founder/CEO of Banding People Together); enjoyed several fun co-writing exercises and expanded on hit songwriting elements with retreat co-host & veteran songwriter, Alan Roy Scott;  explored the anatomy of a HIT song from hit songwriter, Traci Hale-Martin (Rihanna/Drake, Brandy, Maya, Blu Cantrell & more); practiced conscious songwriting techniques from hit singer-songwriter, Jill Colucci (Wynonna Judd, Travis Tritt & more).. and that just scratches the surface!


What’s most important is the value our retreat attendees received this year!

There were so many wonderful discussions about how much attendees received from the retreat this year: from songwriters of all ages writing there first songs to music, and dreams being realized to wonderful lessons learned and songwriters claiming their creative power… and so much more!   We’ll be sharing as much as we can as we receive testimonials and social posts.  For now, here’s what we’ve received so far from attendees so you can see what they thought about their experiences:


Did you attend the 2019 Conscious Songwriting Retreat and would like to see your post featured above?  Send it to us via our Contact Us page!

What’s Up Next?

Well, as you can see, the feedback this year has already been pretty great.  However, we’re always looking to create an even greater experience for attendees. So, just like last year, we’re sending out post-event surveys to get attendees feedback. We’ll take that feedback and create more of what you like, less of what you don’t and see what other ideas you’d like us to consider. We’ll use it all to help us take the 2020 Conscious Songwriting Retreat to the next level!

Until then, as co-host, John Stringer, shares, “Align. Allow. Let Go.”… and as guest speaker, Jill Colucci, says, “Write, Write, Write” and we’ll look forward to seeing you next year.

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