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Check out some of the testimonials from previous CSR Retreat Attendees:

I'm so glad I came all the way across country for this retreat, it was an incredible experience. I've been creatively blocked for quite some time and in one weekend I'm already working on 4 different songs. I'm inspired and motivated to keep writing using the exercises I've learned and definitely want to come back for the second retreat this Spring. I will be recommending this retreat to all of my songwriter friends!

Aliz Hava

Singer-Songwriter, Santa Cruz, CA

Thanks to all our teachers, songwriters, John Stringer, Alan Roy Scott, Patricia Bahia, Jill Colucci, who encouraged our creative juices to flow, and excel in our natural born gifts. Some not known, others enhanced. I learned to collaborate songs with unknown people on the spot. The 17 min challenge with Stephanie was awesome." My home on Mars", LOL! what a title.

Constance Marshal

Singer-Songwriter, Bremen, GA

Words cannot describe the spiritual connection of like minds and souls creating together and supporting each other without judgment! Not to mention the wealth of knowledge and immediately applicable principles and sessions. If choose to write with purpose to make a positive influence on the world, this is the place to get aligned!

Stephie Rae

Singer-Songwriter, Atlanta, GA

The retreat was extraordinary. John & Kathy are wonderful individuals and facilitators and I greatly appreciate them providing such an inspired platform for our musical expressions. Even beyond the facilitators' expert guidance of the process of songwriting (John, Jill, Patricia, Alan), the retreat effectively promoted alignment and a variety of life skills that can be employed in all future relationships and scenarios. It was a fun, inspiring, creative, educational and musical weekend. I will highly recommend it going forward.

D. Amari Jackson

Singer-Songwriter, Atlanta, GA

So much to love about the Conscious Songwriting Retreat. Beautiful people in a beautiful resort setting. The food was delicious and plentiful, with lots of healthy as well as decadent options. John and Kathy were such gracious hosts. Together we collectively created a safe and loving community in which to create. The workshop topics were varied and covered a LOT of ground: traditional songwriting techniques; techniques for quieting the monkey mind and tapping into source; lots of fun and varied co-writing opportunities; as well as practical and inspiring information on the business side, and beyond. A great mix of inspiration, information, and hands-on experience. One of the best retreats I've had the pleasure of being a part of.

Patricia Bahia

Award-winning Singer-Songwriter, Los Angeles, CA

One thing that stood out for me about this experience was the seamless marriage of the more nuts-and-bolts songwriting/co-writing classes with the presentations around spiritual alignment and the creative process. Both my left and right brain were engaged during the weekend, which I truly appreciated. My biggest takeaway however was the learning more about how to nurture the creative process between myself and co-writers. Grateful.

Kim-Char Meredith

Singer-Songwriter, Naperville, IL

Sometimes I feel creatively blocked.  This weekend, Conscious Songwriting Retreat gave me some space to create alone and with others, which I crave working other jobs to pay bills. Thank you for the beautiful time and experience!

Ashley Chase

Singer-Songwriter, Atlanta, GA

The Conscious Songwriting Retreat was an amazing experience in growing as a songwriter. I am grateful for my time learning from professional songwriters living the dream.

Eric Brook

Singer-Songwriter, Orlando, FL

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